Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spontaneity- or a scene crying to be shot?

One way or the other, all photographers have these spontaneous moments where they get a lucky shot and there's an entire story behind it. I will TRY not to bore you with mine- but rather talk about its fascination.

The photograph of Imran Khan I've put up- I took it when I was at a fundraiser Iftari of his for his hospital (Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital). Basically he was in the same table as me and I happened to have my camera. They were showing a documentary on Shaukat Khanum while he looked at the crowd and carefully looked at who was paying attention and who was not. I caught this interesting expression on his face and captured it.

There are all kinds of photographers.. Fashion photographers, wedding photographers, food photographers, and the list goes on.

And then there are street and documentary photographers. I like to think of myself as one.. Street and documentary photographer is an art of its own.. In fashion photography, everything is set for you.. you can control the light.. you know where to place the strobes and the model and you've got a theme.

When it comes to documentary/street photography, you have no control at all.. everything's played out from the beginning and its your choice however you want to tell the story- through light and placement. This way, I also have a feeling that viewers can somewhat relate to the photograph as it is closer to realism- and it is open to interpretation. That's what I really like about this genre of photography and I hope to do justice to it.


  1. i can totally relate to that .once you are out there on the street there are stories everywhere everything and everyone is telling u a story and i believe street photographer is the person who can convert there stories into moments .moments that live forever .its the stories that give life to images and make them photographs